Loyalty programme

From 20 February 2021, you can register in our e-shop for the loyalty system and receive permanent discounts of up to 15% plus the possibility of additional benefits in the form of gifts with orders or special discounts. 


How to become a member of the CBDGroup.cz Loyalty Program?

Just register at www.cbdgroup.cz and you can start enjoying the benefits of the Loyalty System right away.


Principle and conditions for getting a discount:

  • Every purchase made by a registered customer counts towards the total spend,
  • only all paid and completed orders in the last 365 days are counted,
  • unpaid, returned orders are not included in the total spend,
  • the value of orders is calculated from prices excluding VAT,
  • the amount of the discount is calculated automatically, updated every day and is always valid for the following 365 days from the date of the discount,
  • if the limit of the current discount category is exceeded, you are automatically moved to a higher category.

Discount categories

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